Mental Health

Mental Health Issues Among Workers Are Spiking Due To COVID-19. Here’s How Employers Can Step In

COVID-19 is having a massive impact on employees’ mental health, according to a new report.

Lyra Health and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions polled more than 1,200 workers who are covered in employer-based plans and found that 83% are experiencing mental health problems, which are caused by a mix of the pandemic and ongoing racial justice issues.

“This study confirmed, I think, what a lot of us suspected, which is that the life disrupting events of the past six months, whether that’s COVID-19, racial injustice, the financial turmoil that many people are finding themselves in have all taken a toll on mental health,” Joe Grasso, Ph.D., clinical director of partnerships at Lyra Health, told Fierce Healthcare.

Female Nurse with Mask

The Nursing Science Behind Nurses As Coronavirus Hospital Heroes

The coronavirus pandemic has given nurses a rare moment in the media spotlight. They are being heralded as lifesaving heroes on the front lines of the pandemic. The Covid-19 fight is a team effort, but nurses have a unique role. In intensive care units, 86% of patient care time comes from nurses, while only 13% comes from physicians.

Nurses have always enjoyed public respect and are routinely rated the No. 1 most honest and ethical profession in the United States. But this moment in the media spotlight highlights how little most people truly understand about nursing.

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Girl Meditating

A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation: Here Are Some Things To Know

If you think you are struggling and would like to diligently understand the process and free yourself from distractions, here are some simple things you can do to self-initiate.

Some people think of meditation as an arduous task — which is ironic because meditation is the means by which you can escape the daily stress of life and everything else that seems daunting to you. The few minutes that you reserve for meditation should be moments of absolute bliss. Experts say that the entire process of meditation should give you joy, satisfaction, a sense of calm, and focus.

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Health Insurance with Words

Is There A Better Way To Subsidize Private Health Insurance?

With millions of people losing their jobs, and maybe their employer-provided health insurance as well, it is a good time to ask, how does the federal government encourage private coverage – both at work and for those who buy their own? And is there a better way?

The short answers are: the current system is an incoherent mess; and of course there is a better way.

Let us look at what the federal government is doing now.

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COVID-19 Virus

Ohio Covid-19 Hospitalizations Set Record; Hospitals Wary But Not Overwhelmed

Ohio’s hospitals reported a statewide census of 1,122 patients with Covid-19 Wednesday, surpassing a peak of 1,103 in late April for the highest number of inpatients yet in the pandemic.

Overall occupancy is 75.6%, and more surge space is ready, the Ohio Hospital Association said Wednesday.

Also, levels of intensive care and ventilator use are not as high as they were in April. Still, the healthcare industry is keeping a wary eye on the numbers.

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Face Masks Are Breaking Facial Recognition Algorithms, Says New Government Study

Face masks are one of the best defenses against the spread of COVID-19, but their growing adoption is having a second, unintended effect: breaking facial recognition algorithms.

Wearing face masks that adequately cover the mouth and nose causes the error rate of some of the most widely used facial recognition algorithms to spike to between 5 percent and 50 percent, a study by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has found. Black masks were more likely to cause errors than blue masks, and the more of the nose covered by the mask, the harder the algorithms found it to identify the face.


Local Business Experiences Hiring Struggles As Unemployment Rate Soars

PADUCAH — Millions of Americans are continuing to draw unemployment as the nation battles the COVID-19 pandemic. One local small business owner says his business is having a harder time hiring new employees now than when unemployment numbers were at a record low.

Professional cleaning services are being called in to businesses, schools, and places of worship as they begin to reopen during the pandemic. Kirk Studzinski, owner of Stanley Steemer in Paducah, says it has been virtually impossible to bring in new employees. This as the nationwide unemployment rate sits at 11%.

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Medical Syringe & Vaccine

Pence Talks Vaccine Development at NC Biotech Center

Vice President Mike Pence discusses the coronavirus vaccine development effort at the N.C. Biotechnology Center with managers of a company conducting clinical trials on a vaccine candidate.

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Wearble Tracker Device

Wearable Health Technology Could Find Early Signs of COVID-19

Researchers are studying the effectiveness of wearable devices to identify early signs of disease, including COVID-19.

Many people already use devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch to measure their heart rate and other physical activity. Researchers are now studying whether this kind of technology could be used to watch for early warning signs of COVID-19.

One such device is being tested at West Virginia University in the United States. Researchers there reported in May that it can identify COVID-19 symptoms up to three days before people start to experience them.

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Positive Workplace

What Constitutes a Safe Workplace?

While each state has a different situation with the coronavirus, there are national trends among workplaces, employees and safety managers and their fight to keep their jobs and stay healthy. A recent article from the Los Angeles Times explores the question ‘what makes a workplace safe?’, and the points could help workplaces around the country.

California is suffering from very high cases of coronavirus, and experts say the state now resembles New York, the epicenter of the COVID-10 crisis earlier this spring. The state is seeing “too much community spread,” said L.A. County officials.

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