Biotech Concept

Biotech Industry Bringing Hundreds of Jobs To Phoenix

PHOENIX — During a global pandemic, one company in Phoenix has landed a multi-million-dollar investment and expanded its facility space.

The biotech industry is thriving, and Mayor Kate Gallego believes Caris Life Sciences is one of the companies that will be a big part of Phoenix’s recovery.

Caris Life Sciences focuses on tackling a disease that has no cure, is cruel, and can attack anyone at any time: cancer. Most people in our state know someone who has been impacted by cancer or have been impacted by cancer themselves.

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Health Tech

Why Home Healthcare Needs More Technology and Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the home healthcare industry to a crossroads.

More older adults are comfortable with mobile devices and smart technologies that help them safely age in place. Some individuals may be seeking to avoid full-time care in a congregate care setting due to the public health emergency. And telehealth use has surged, thanks to temporary expanded coverage for Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

Staying at home, when possible, is important for elderly and high-risk patients.

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Empire State Building

Empire State Building to Achieve WELL Health-Safety Rating

The Empire State Building has made the pathway to return to NYC clear. People are eager to explore the city again and the Empire State Building’s safety protocols and WELL certification reinsures guests that they will be safe while having a fun experience.

The Empire State Building’s decade-long commitment to Indoor Environmental Quality led the way with science-based measures to make the Observatory, and the entire building, as safe and healthy as possible for visitors to return. It is due to that commitment, and measurable policies and strategies to verify compliance, that on September 21, the Empire State Building was the first building to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating. The iconic Empire State Building Observatory safely reopened on July 20, with all of the WELL Health-Safety measures in place.

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Medical Syringe & Vaccine

Pharma Companies Strike Deals to Deliver Millions of COVID-19 Vaccines by 2021

Leading pharmaceutical giants – including Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca – are racing ahead to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine.

How Many Initial COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Do These Companies Plan to Produce?

With many late-stage clinical trials currently underway, pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccine candidates are beginning to garner several distribution deals with global government agencies. In this article, BioSpace provides an up-to-date overview of these deals and the projected COVID-19 vaccine doses each company plans to have within the next couple of years.

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Doctor on iPad

Anthem Blue Cross Still Sees Deferral Of Patient Care In Pandemic

Health insurer Anthem Wednesday said patients are still deferring healthcare treatments and procedures the large health insurer pays for amid the ongoing pandemic and spread of Covid-19.

Anthem chief executive officer Gail Boudreaux described a “broad-based deferral of normal healthcare utilization” in a call Wednesday morning to discuss the company’s third quarter earnings, which were $222 million for the period ended Sept. 30.

Anthem’s net income was down from $1.12 billion in the year-ago quarter due to various expenses including the $594 million cost of a major Blue Cross Blue Shield Association “litigation settlement accrual.”

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Medical Gear

PPE Still Lacking in Nursing Homes as COVID Doubles Down

Two new studies detail US nursing home preparedness amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one finding that 20% of facilities had less than 1 week’s supply of at least one type of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the other showing that homes owned by private equity firms performed on par with those under other types of ownership in terms of coronavirus cases and deaths but stored less PPE.

Deficits worsened over the summer

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Twitter App

Deleting The Twitter App Saved My Mental Health

I remember the first time I went viral—it was junior year of high school. The tweet was a simple commentary on my deteriorating organization skills. The caption read: “me back to school freshman year vs now” and showed an old picture of my neatly labeled freshman binder set compared to a folder, pencil, and pretzels. My tweet took off, and was quickly stolen by the meme accounts that once populated Twitter, which pushed the meme further throughout the web. A few weeks later, my Facebook friends spotted my name from the labeled binders in the meme as it finally made its way to that platform. It was an exhilarating experience that gave me the first taste of what my relationship with social media would eventually look like.

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Female in Plank Position

How To know If Eating Healthy and Exercising Crosses The Line To Compulsion — Or Worse

Your “healthy” lifestyle might not be that healthy after all – especially if diet and exercise become extreme.

Dr. Deborah Michel, regional clinical director of Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center, The Woodlands, explained that what appears to be a healthy habit on the surface could, in reality, be obsessive exercise and disordered eating.

The difficult part is knowing the difference, she said.

Health Insurance Policy

Maine Among 4 States Where Health Insurance Costs Continue To Drop

New federal data shows that Maine’s average individual health insurance premium will drop 13 percent in 2021 — the third straight year state health insurance costs have declined, state officials said.

Maine is among only four states in the nation to see insurance costs decrease, Maine Department of Health and Human Resources officials said in a statement on Tuesday.

Hospital Hallway

The Coronavirus is Starting To Crush Some Hospitals

Some states are seeing dangerous levels of coronavirus hospitalizations, with hospitals warning that they could soon become overwhelmed if no action is taken to slow the spread.

Why it matters: Patients can only receive good care if there’s enough care to go around — which is one reason why the death rate was so much higher in the spring, some experts say.

Driving the news: The Utah Hospital Association has warned that the state’s situation is becoming so dire that hospitals are expecting to begin rationing care within a week or two, per The Salt Lake Tribune.

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