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5 Natural Sweeteners That People Think Are Healthier Than Sugar

Many alternatives are just sugar in another form, experts say.

These days, sugar is often blamed for causing obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol, and even chronic conditions. With all the negativity surrounding added sugar, alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in recipes and store shelves. Stevia, date sugar, and erythritol, a sugar alcohol, are three popular natural sweeteners found in food.

Some of these sweeteners offer added benefits, like fiber, and don’t spike blood sugar levels. In diabetics, high blood sugar can be dangerous, but people without the condition don’t need to stress about the types of sweeteners they eat, says J. Wesley McWhorter, MS, RD, LD, CSCS at UT Health Science Center in Houston.

“It’s better to look at how much sugar you’re consuming as a whole rather than look at specific type of sweetener,” he tells Men’s Health.

McWhorter believes it’s best to pick a sweetener you like and enjoy it in moderation.


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