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Does Running Burn Muscle?

Does Running Burn Muscle? We know running as an excellent form…

Biotech News


COVID-19 ‘Far From Done,’ Expert Tells Biotech Meeting in Madison

With daily COVID-19 cases on the rise again nationally…

Boston biotech Verve tests ‘CRISPR 2.0′ in a patient for the first time

Scientists are rewriting the code of life with a new technology…
roe vs wade

‘We strongly dissent’: Women biotech execs pen letter to colleagues and politicians in Roe v. Wade aftermath

In the days following the US Supreme Court’s rollback of federal…

Acticor Biotech gets patent for cardiovascular emergency treatment product

French company Acticor Biotech has announced the European Patent…
stem cells

Research Shows Stem Cells Might Become a Game Changer for Multiple Sclerosis

The Tisch Multiple Sclerosis Research Center of New York has been working toward finding the cause and a cure for MS since it first launched in 2006.

Business News

Essential Business

The Business of Health: Keeping The Lights on Through The Pandemic and Beyond

For some hospitals and health systems, especially those in rural…

Healthy Business Challenge expands to Upstate

An organization focused on the wellbeing of South Carolina’s…

Walmart bringing more emerging brands to its shelves

BENTONVILLE, ARK. — Hundreds of entrepreneurs met with merchants…

Target will cover employees’ travel to other states for abortions, company memo says

Target will cover employees’ travel if they live in a state…
school lunch

Free school lunches for all set to end, creating ‘perfect storm’ amid high inflation

A federal waiver that made school breakfasts and lunches free…

Government News


Leaders Who Caught Virus: Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro and Now Trump

Mr. Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, was hospitalized.…

Director of new pandemic institute urges government to prepare UK for next outbreak

The director of a new UK institute dedicated to fighting future…

Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care and Overcharging

Congress should crack down on Medicare Advantage health plans…

CDC raises monkeypox alert as global cases surpass 1,000

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stepped up its monkeypox guidance, urging people to take extra precautions as global cases of the virus surpass 1,000.

Mask Mandates Now Banned For Local Governments And Schools In Growing Number Of GOP States

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a law early Thursday prohibiting…

Hospitals News


Cyberattack Hits Major Hospital Chain Universal Health Services

What appears to be a major ransomware attack has hit the computers…
hospital gown

Disposable Hospital Gowns Could Expose Health Workers to Infection

Disposable gowns designed to deflect the splatter of bodily fluids,…

Weed users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization

Using recreational marijuana is associated with a higher risk…

Thousands of medical residents are unionizing. Here’s what that means for doctors, hospitals, and the patients they serve

Thousands of medical residents are unionizing. Here’s what that means for doctors, hospitals, and the patients they serve

The Untamed Rise Of Hospital Monopolies

Last month, Michigan's two largest hospital systems, Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health, announced they wanted to become one. The $12.9 billion "megamerger" would create a health industrial complex spanning 22 hospitals, 305 outpatient facilities, and an insurance company. It would employ 64,000 people, making it the largest employer in Michigan. Local newspapers had expected the merger to "sail through" government approval. But now they're not so sure.

Insurance News

Stethoscope on Health Insurance Form

Report: Health Insurance Premiums Stay Flat, Telemedicine Added in Face of COVID-19

While median premium changes in health insurance remained flat…
health insurance

How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

Consumers, employers and just about everyone else interested…

Here’s how the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision could affect health insurance coverage

Even when Roe v. Wade was in effect and women had the legal right…

Medicare’s Free Wellness Visit Can Prevent Diabetes Amputation

Annual wellness visits covered by Medicare reduce diabetes patients'…

Health insurance companies owe refunds to millions of consumers — maybe you?

Private insurance companies are also expected to dole out $2.1 billion in rebates to more than 10.7 million policyholders this fall, according to analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. That sum will be the second-highest amount ever issued under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after last year’s record-breaking $2.5 billion in refunds.

Lifestyle News

Health & Wellness

Researchers Prove A Healthy Lifestyle Extends Life Expectancy By Up To 8 Years

Ditching cigarettes, exercising and abstaining from alcohol can…

Will banning single-use plastics impact our health?

What are the single-use plastic items being banned from July…

Ten Small Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health

Do you feel like you do not have the time to improve your overall…
apple watch

Apple Watch monitoring features for AFib, Parkinson’s cleared by FDA

Apple Watch already features an electrocardiogram that alerts…

Lifestyle intervention program improves CV, mental health in obesity

Patients with obesity experienced improved CV and mental health after attending a nonjudgmental and personalized lifestyle modification program, according to a study presented at EuroHeartCare. “Obesity develops for multiple reasons and blaming someone for their weight can stop them from getting health care and advice. It can lead to emotional eating and feeling too self-conscious to exercise,” Aisling Harris, cardiac and weight management dietitian at Croí Heart and Stroke Centre in Galway, Ireland, said in a press release.

Mental Health News

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Recognizing World Mental Health Day

In recognition of the stress that Carolina students are experiencing…
mental health professional

Mental health professionals join police in responding to 911 calls

DES MOINES, Iowa — Starting Tuesday, the city of Des Moines…

Warnings of mental health crisis among ‘Covid generation’ of students

The pandemic has had a lasting legacy on the mental health of…
doctor visit

Patients seek mental healthcare from their doctor but find health plans standing in the way

When a longtime patient visited Dr. William Sawyer’s office…

Vaping: What Psychiatrists Need to Know

Vaping—one word, but not one behavior. Vaping is a method of…

Nursing News

Female Nurse

Fatal Cases of COVID-19 at Nursing Facilities Prompt New California Law

SACRAMENTO —  With skilled nursing homes hit particularly…

Largest nursing union urges Congress to codify abortion rights, end filibuster

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the…

Staffing Shortages Have U.S. Nursing Homes in Crisis

There's a shortage of nursing home beds for the elderly in America…

Newly registered nurses being ‘othered’ in practice by colleagues

Joanne Bosanquet, chief executive of The Foundation of Nursing…

Here’s why 1,500 Pennsylvania nursing home workers are planning a one-day strike next week

After employees at a dozen nursing homes across Pennsylvania voted last month to authorize a strike, about 1,500 workers will hold a one-day strike next week to call attention to understaffing and other ongoing issues in the industry. According to SEIU Healthcare PA, the union workers will strike on July 27 at 21 facilities.

Patient Care News


Majority of Health Execs Say Telemedicine Has Improved Patient Care

While more than half of the leaders polled say their telehealth…

Shortages from syringes to dye for diagnostic exams: How world events are straining everyday health care supply

In May, clinicians and patients at the University of Arizona…

Silicon Valley doctors decry plan to pay bonuses for seeing more patients

Local doctors are outraged over a proposal from Santa Clara County…
Roe v Wade

Federal agency can expand access to birth control under Medicaid if Roe v. Wade is overturned

In her first year as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Chiquita Brooks-Lasure has overseen the expansion of government health coverage to a record number of Americans under Medicare, Medicaid and private Affordable Care Act exchange plans.

CEO’s Make Healthcare Worker Safety a Top Priority

A group of healthcare organization CEOs recently adopted a Declaration of Principles to improve the safety of healthcare workers. Healthcare settings pose several safety concerns for caregivers and other staff members.

Pharmaceuticals News

Woman Pharmaceutical Worker

Top Ten Pharma Companies in 2020

The global pharmaceutical industry is expected to witness…

Amid monkeypox outbreak, US officials plan to release 1.6M doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos vaccine

As a monkeypox outbreak quietly gains steam in the U.S. and elsewhere,…

The top 10 most profitable pharma companies in 2021

While revenue reflects how well a pharma company’s products…
Doctor with vaccine

Looking for an edge over Merck, Pfizer begins testing its COVID-19 vaccine and next-gen pneumococcal shot together

In its back-and-forth battle with Merck for supremacy of the next-gen pneumococcal vaccine market, Pfizer is looking for any edge it can get. Monday’s news that the drugmaker has begun testing its COVID-19 vaccine and 20-valent pneumococcal vaccine candidate together could provide exactly that advantage.

Safety & Quality News


How Contractors Are Managing Health And Safety Regulations

Contractors are moving forward with ongoing projects—in many…

FDA warns against using Plug Heist Trap House ‘homemade’ infant formula

The FDA has sent out an alert for parents and caregivers of infants…

U.S. FDA Classifies Recall of GE’s Ventilator Batteries as Most Serious

U.S. health regulators on Tuesday classified the recall of some…

CDC approves Covid vaccines for youngest kids

The wait is finally over. On Saturday, the Centers for Disease…

Johnson & Johnson is recalling sunscreens due to low levels of benzene, a carcinogen

Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday that it is recalling five of its sunscreen products after some samples were found to contain low levels of benzene, a chemical that can cause cancer with repeated exposure.

Technology News

Elder Man Using Tech

Health Technology to Prevent or Mitigate Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are more dangerous than they seem. In fact, a…
mayo clinic

Mayo Clinic, Israeli hospital partner to help health tech startups

Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic has signed an agreement with…

Why tech companies still haven’t fixed our ‘broken’ healthcare system

Silicon Valley has been talking about how “broken” U.S. healthcare is for years. Tech companies haven’t been shy about promising to “transform,” “disrupt,” and “revolutionize” the current system. But so far, they haven’t made much of an impact, despite Americans spending $3.8 trillion, or nearly 18% of our GDP, on healthcare in 2019.
Social Media Apps

5 Takeaways From Big Tech’s Misinformation Hearing

Big Tech taking questions from Congress is becoming a quarterly…
Elder Man Using Tech

11 Ways To Identify The Best Tech Solutions For An Agency

With the volume of technology available, agency leaders face…