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Big Pharma Blames Drug Users for San Francisco Opioid Woes

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — In a case that will determine if cities across the nation can sue drugmakers, distributors and pharmacies on civil conspiracy claims related to the opioid crisis, a lawyer told a federal judge Thursday that drug users, not licensed sellers, are the ones to blame for San Francisco’s opioid problems.

“The persons most directly responsible for the city’s harms are the users who illicitly injected heroin and then disposed their needles in a way that caused the city’s expense,” McKesson Corporation attorney Christian Pistilli of Covington & Burling argued in a virtual court hearing Thursday.

San Francisco is seeking millions of dollars in damages from eight companies and their affiliates that “fraudulently” marketed opioids like OxyContin and five companies and their affiliates that distributed opioids while “failing to maintain effective controls” to flag suspicious orders and prevent drugs from leaking onto the black market.

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