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GoodRx Co-CEO: We Are Happy Amazon is Joining Online Health Care Space

Amazon Pharmacy offers wide transparency on medication information, home delivery, and price comparison to help patients find the most savings.

GoodRx Co-CEO Doug Hirsch told FOX Business’ Liz Claman that he is not concerned about Amazon entering the pharmacy business.

“GoodRx actually is not a pharmacy. We don’t put pills in bottles and sell them. We work with pharmacies including Amazon,” Hirsch said on The Claman Countdown Tuesday. “So we’re very happy that Amazon’s in the space.”

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COVID-19 Lockdown

Local Businesses Brace For Potential Second Shutdown

As coronavirus cases rise in the state, local businesses, health care providers and government officials are bracing for the effects to ripple through the local economy and residents’ day-to-day lives.

The sentiment expressed by many in leadership in these organizations is that they hope there are lessons learned from earlier this year and that draconian shut-downs don’t occur, but that they are preparing for the worst.

“What I’m hearing from the business community is that they are fearing something is coming. It’s the unknown,” said Joseph Viele, executive director of the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.

Small Business Closed

Ohio House Passes Bill Preventing Governor, Health Director From Shutting Down Businesses

The Ohio House of Representatives passed Wednesday House Bill 612, which prevents Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine or the Ohio Department of Health from shutting down businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill passed with a 75-11 vote.

H.B. 621, also known as the Business Fairness Act, was introduced in May by Reps. Shane Wilkin and Jon Cross, both Republican members in the House.

Digital Tech

Keeping The Lights On: The Wiring Behind The Business of Health IT Delivery

There’s an art to balancing new innovation while maintaining a high level of existing service. It requires a solid foundation of core systems, adherence to quality controls and an excellent service support model.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged health systems in 2020 – accelerating the implementation of new technologies, necessitating the rise of employees working from home and causing more patients to need help using new tools to manage their healthcare.

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Weights in Gym

Gym Owner Fears Shutdown Could Impact His Business & Client’s Mental Health

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/ WRGT)—It was another record-setting day for COVID-19 cases in Ohio on Thursday.

Over 7,000 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours.

Governor Mike DeWine has issued a stern warning that if numbers keep trending in the wrong direction, bars, restaurants and fitness centers could be forced to close, leaving many business owners on edge.

Healthcare Business

How Direct Contracted Medical Services Reduce Health Care Expenses

Effective business leaders strive to improve their products and services while keeping an eye on maintaining a healthy bottom line. Balancing both sides of that equation can increase client satisfaction and result in flat or lowered costs but, historically, one line item — business health care expenses—has typically eluded cost reductions. That is, until now.

“If you’re an employer and you have a benefit plan with Anthem, United or Humana, you probably think they are the center of the hub and everything revolves around them, but that’s an old paradigm,” said Tim Cappel, executive director of population health for The Christ Hospital. “The new paradigm moves the medical and hospital providers into a central position, and then the relationship becomes client-focused on the employer with health care costs negotiated directly with medical providers.”

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Small Business Coffee Shop

City Launches Campaign Encouraging Small Businesses To Take More Health Measures

City launches campaign encouraging small businesses to take more health measures.

Mayor Caldwell announced the newest business health guidance in a news conference on Wednesday. The Mayor said the initiative provides an actionable safety checklist that local businesses can adopt into their routine as Oahu starts to reopen.

“It’s been a painful year for small businesses but despite these challenges, they are doing so much to protect the health and safety of their staff, customers, and our community,” said Caldwell. “Back on the Wave shines a spotlight on their good work and will boost the confidence of the community when they shop, visit a restaurant, and do the everyday activities that will power our recovery.”

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COVID-19 Virus

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Health Business Faces Endless Covid Fight

The health-care industry is grappling with a slow-paced recovery from the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, as many people continue to avoid doctors’ offices and a new surge in infections spreads across the U.S.

For drugmakers, the pandemic has squeezed demand for everything from childhood vaccines to smoking-cessation drugs and diabetes treatments. When the virus took root in the U.S. this spring, many doctors and patients put off routine and elective care, leading to fewer prescriptions for a range of medicines. Sales also slumped for drugs used to treat cancer or in surgeries.

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Stressed at Work

Working From Home: Building Relationships and Healthy Habits

Since mid-March, home has taken on a new role in many of our lives. It has become the office, school and primary entertainment source during the pandemic. And with Gov. Mike DeWine advising 50,000 state employees to expect to work from home through the end of the year, and many large corporations following suit, it looks like the atypical work-life balance will stay this way for the unforeseeable future.

On top of working 40+ hours per week, employees are also supervising online or hybrid school for their children and in some cases, taking care of an elderly parent. If people aren’t aware of how to monitor everyone’s mental health in the household, they could face much bigger challenges than looking good on a Zoom call.

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Delta Airlines

Airlines Are Testing A New COVID-19 Digital Health Pass So Passengers Can Easily Prove They’ve Tested Negative For Coronavirus

The airline industry is testing a new digital health pass that could remove some of the headaches associated with traveling amid a pandemic.

Beginning this week, travelers on select airlines can download the CommonPass, a digital certificate that passengers can use in order to prove that they’ve tested negative for the coronavirus, the Financial Times reported. The digital pass can be accessed on their phone.

Importantly, the CommonPass is not a vehicle for getting a COVID-19 test. Instead, it simply allows travelers to access and show airline officials their test results or vaccination record. The framework for the digital pass was developed by The World Economic Forum and the Common Project Foundation, a Swiss-based not-for-profit.

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