UK health workers were let down by government during COVID pandemic, say doctors

Health and social care workers were often let down by the government whose claims that it was ‘guided by the science’ when developing policy to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic were questionable, according to an editorial published online today in The BMJ.

Many questions need to be answered when assessing how well the UK responded to the pandemic, says an opinion piece written by editor in chief of The BMJ, Kamran Abbasi, and Martin McKee and Kara Hanson, both from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London. read more


Ontario Introduces A Plan to Stay Open: Health System Stability and Recovery

The Ontario government introduced its Plan to Stay Open: Health System Stability and Recovery, a five-point plan to provide the best care possible to patients and residents while ensuring the resources and supports are in place to keep the province and economy open. The plan further bolsters Ontario’s health care workforce, expands innovative models of care and ensures hospital beds are there for patients when they need them.

“When we released our first Plan to Stay Open in March 2022, we made a promise to build an Ontario that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow because we can no longer accept the status quo,” said Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “The second phase of our plan will provide the support our health system needs to address the urgent pressures of today while preparing for a potential winter surge so our province and economy can stay open.” read more


ICU physician: Ford government is ‘gaslighting’ health-care workers

An ICU physician is criticizing Ont. Premier Doug Ford’s throne speech, saying the government “has no plan” to help health-care workers and may not believe “there’s any type of crisis” in the province’s overburdened hospital system.

“The system is under way more stress than it ever has been,” Dr. Michael Warner, a physician at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital, told CTV News Channel Tuesday. “If we have any type of COVID bump in the fall, I think the system will be brought to its knees.” read more

heat website

New federal government website highlights health risks from extreme heat

July 26 (UPI) — The federal government launched a website Tuesday aimed at reducing the health risks of extreme heat.

The site,, provides a “one-stop hub on heat and health for the nation,” reads a release from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Tuesday afternoon, the site showed more than 39.1 million Americans were under National Weather Service extreme heat advisories, watches, and warnings. read more


Premiers tell federal government to start funding talks over ‘crumbling’ health care

The federal government needs to stop “quibbling” with provinces and territories about health care and sit down with them to work out how to restore Canada’s “crumbling” system, British Columbia Premier John Horgan said Tuesday.

It’s been eight months since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to meet with the premiers to address their request for stable, long-term health-care funding, and that meeting is overdue, Horgan told a news conference at the start of the final day of the premiers’ Council of the Federation gathering in Victoria.

“That’s why we’re reinforcing today unanimity in our desire to have the federal government call a meeting … We can sit down and solve these problems for Canadians, not for provinces and the federal government, but for Canadians,” said Horgan, who chairs the council. read more


Director of new pandemic institute urges government to prepare UK for next outbreak

The director of a new UK institute dedicated to fighting future outbreaks of infectious diseases has urged the government “to put your money where your mouth is” and invest more in pandemic preparedness.

The Pandemic Sciences Institute (PSI), which formally launches on Tuesday, has been founded by experts at the University of Oxford to identify and better respond to pandemic threats. read more


Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care and Overcharging

Congress should crack down on Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors that sometimes deny patients vital medical care while overcharging the government billions of dollars every year, government watchdogs told a House panel Tuesday.

Witnesses sharply criticized the fast-growing health plans at a hearing held by the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations. They cited a slew of critical audits and other reports that described plans denying access to health care, particularly those with high rates of patients who were disenrolled in their last year of life while likely in poor health and in need of more services. read more


CDC raises monkeypox alert as global cases surpass 1,000

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stepped up its monkeypox guidance, urging people to take extra precautions as global cases of the virus surpass 1,000.

The CDC ramped up its alert to a level 2 on Monday, encouraging people to “practice enhanced precautions” to stem the outbreak, which has spread to 29 nonendemic countries in the past month. The highest level alert — level 3 — would caution against nonessential travel. read more


Mask Mandates Now Banned For Local Governments And Schools In Growing Number Of GOP States

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a law early Thursday prohibiting local governments and schools from imposing their own mask mandates—less than two days after Texas did the same—as more Republican-led states go a step beyond lifting their mask orders by ensuring local officials cannot put their own rules in place.

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White House

Big Government Is Set for a Rerun With Biden’s Economic Plan

Big government is back.

Four decades after Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of lowering taxes and shrinking government took hold — culminating in Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts — Joe Biden is turning U.S. economic policy in the opposite direction.

Over the past 14 months, Congress passed three pandemic-relief packages that injected almost $5 trillion into the economy. The president, according to his latest plan unveiled Wednesday, will make the case for an additional $1.8 trillion in spending and tax credits on initiatives from education and child care to paid family and medical leave.

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