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Friday Is The Last Day In 2021 To Enroll For Health Insurance Through The Colorado State Exchange

Friday is the final day to sign up for 2021 individual health coverage through the state’s insurance exchange.

The deadline is for Coloradans who need individual health insurance, meaning they don’t get it through their employer or a government program, like Medicare.

Missing the deadline means those who need coverage will have to wait until next year unless they experience certain life events, like marriage, birth of a child, divorce or loss of other health insurance.

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Open Enrollment For ‘Pennie’ Pennsylvania’s State Health Insurance Program Ends Friday

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Friday, January 15, 2020, is the deadline to apply for health insurance through Pennsylvania’s health insurance program “Pennie.”

The online marketplace replaced for open enrollment.

Those that apply would have their coverage begin on February 1.

After Friday, you can only apply through “Pennie” if you have what they describe as a “Qualifying Life Event.”

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Deadline Looms for Nevadans Shopping for Health Insurance Plans

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Nevadans shopping for health care coverage for 2021 still have time to enroll in a plan under the Affordable Care Act – the deadline is January 15.

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange – which operates through its online marketplace, Nevada Health Link – opted to give residents more time to decide on a plan this year. The deadline used to be December 15, according to the agency’s Communications Officer Janel Davis.

She said while health insurance has always been a top-of-mind priority for many Nevadans, the pandemic has brought the importance of coverage even more to the forefront. She said she hopes the extended enrollment period will help folks who lost their jobs in 2020 stay covered.

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How To Attract Millennials To Health Insurance Industry

While millennials earlier avoided health insurance plans, COVID-19 has opened a window of opportunity for insurers.

The early bird grabs the worm – this rephrased saying applies to financial planning decisions too. Yet, when it comes to insurance, especially health plans, millennials remained reluctant to invest their moolah in the same. Not anymore; the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s perceptions almost overnight.

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(KNSI) – A new law going into effect on January 1st will affect how health insurance pays for certain items.

The way it stands now, if you switch your health insurance plan in between when you are approved for planned surgery and when the surgery takes place, your new insurance company doesn’t have to honor that pre-authorization.

Under the new law, the new provider “will be required to comply with previous prior authorizations for health care services for the first 60 days after enrollment while a new utilization review is conducted. The enrollee, or a medical professional acting on their behalf, will be required to submit documentation to access this.”

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Oregon Extends Telehealth Agreement For Health Insurance Plans

SALEM, OR – The State of Oregon has reached an agreement with several health insurance companies to continue providing expanded telehealth options through at least June 30, 2021.

The agreement follows guidance issued by the Department of Consumer and Business Services and the Oregon Health Authority in late March requiring health insurance plans to provide in-network coverage for multiple telehealth platforms.

In June 2020, the state reached agreement with health insurance companies to continue providing expanded telehealth options, including payment to providers at the same rate as an in-person visit, through Dec. 31. This new agreement means health insurance companies will continue to provide coverage for expanded telehealth services and pay for these services at the rates they established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pandemic Plays Role In Expected Record Year For Obamacare Enrollment

Job changes caused by the pandemic meant people who normally relied on employer-sponsored insurance needed a new way to get coverage.

It’s shaping up to be another record year in Florida for Obamacare sign-ups.

Open enrollment wrapped up on Tuesday.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has not released the final numbers yet, but as of the fifth week of enrollment, 1,119,200 Floridians had signed up for health insurance plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

During the same period last year, that figure was 796,858.

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Today is the Deadline For Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Sign-Ups

WASHINGTON (AP) — A crush of sign-ups expected Tuesday on the last day of open enrollment for could help solidify the standing of “Obamacare” as an improbable survivor in the Donald Trump years.

In 36 states that use, Dec. 15 is deadline day for coverage that starts Jan. 1, while another 14 states and Washington, D.C., have later dates. Analysts and advocates who follow the annual insurance sign-ups say interest has gotten stronger with the coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation.

Also, the legal cloud hanging over the Affordable Care Act seemed to start lifting last month when Supreme Court justices gave a skeptical reception to the latest challenge from the Trump administration and conservative-led states seeking to overturn the law in its entirety.

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Think Your Health Care Costs Are Covered? Beware The ‘Junk’ Insurance Plan

Looking back, Sam Bloechl knows that when the health insurance broker who was helping him find a plan asked whether he’d ever been diagnosed with a major illness, that should have been a red flag. Preexisting medical conditions don’t matter when you buy a comprehensive individual plan that complies with the Affordable Care Act. Insurers can’t turn people down or charge them more based on their medical history.

But Bloechl, now 31, didn’t know much about health insurance back in December of 2016 when he was shopping for that health plan in Chicago. So when the broker told him a UnitedHealthcare Golden Rule plan would cover him for a year for less than his ACA marketplace plan — “Unless you like throwing money away, this is the plan you should buy,” he recalls the agent saying — he signed up.

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Will My Health Insurance Cover a COVID-19 Vaccine?

In most cases, people may have to pay nothing for the COVID-19 vaccine. Government officials know that cost is often an obstacle to obtaining healthcare, so laws and regulations were implemented earlier in 2020 to ensure that most people would be able to access the vaccine at no cost.

Since American health insurance coverage is far from uniform, it is important to learn and understand specifics about your plan. For the duration of the public health emergency, most people will have access to zero-cost COVID-19 vaccines. In some cases, coverage details will differ in later years, once the COVID-19 public health emergency is over, assuming we have to continue to receive COVID-19 vaccines on a regular basis.


When it comes to COVID-19, we’ve long known that advanced age is a significant risk factor. Fortunately, virtually all Americans age 65+ are covered by Medicare, and the government has ensured that Medicare beneficiaries can access COVID-19 vaccines at no cost.

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