Thousands of Pa. nursing home workers may strike despite $600M for care in state budget

Months after the state approved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to bolster caregiving in nursing homes, thousands of nurses, health aides, and other support staff may soon go on strike over how two for-profit companies plan to use the money.

At issue is how much of the $600 million earmarked by Gov. Tom Wolf and the legislature will actually go to workers who say they are working longer hours, taking duties outside their jobs, and even rationing food for residents. read more


Are Nurses on Their Feet All Day?

In many cases, yes. One of the most common nurse health complaints is foot pain. Especially for some nurses who work on their feet for up to 12 or more hours a shift.

But, there are ways to help yourself (and your feet) to prevent foot ailments and care for yourself on your days off. This article will review the risks and body impacts of standing all day, tips for nurses to care for their feet, and the best shoes for nurses to help prevent foot pain and keep their feet healthy! read more

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2 Pennsylvania nursing homes accused of health care fraud

Managers at two skilled nursing facilities in western Pennsylvania fabricated records of staff time and residents’ conditions to defraud state and federal agencies, prosecutors alleged Tuesday in announcing criminal charges.

Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Beaver and Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Allegheny County were accused of health care fraud, along with five people who managed their operations. read more


Nursing homes are suing friends and family to collect on patients’ bills

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Lucille Brooks was stunned when she picked up the phone before Christmas two years ago and learned a nursing home was suing her.

“I thought this was crazy,” recalled Brooks, 74, a retiree who lives with her husband in a modest home in the Rochester suburbs. Brooks’ brother had been a resident of the nursing home. But she had no control over his money or authority to make decisions for him. She wondered how she could be on the hook for his nearly $8,000 bill. read more


ENC hospital suspends ICU care as nursing shortage continues

WILLIAMSTON, Martin County — An eastern North Carolina hospital is suspending intensive unit care amid the ongoing nursing shortage that is being felt locally and nationwide.

Martin General Hospital, a 49-bed hospital in Williamston, NC, will temporarily suspend intensive care unit (ICU) services effective Aug. 1, 2022. read more


Largest nursing union urges Congress to codify abortion rights, end filibuster

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion, the nation’s largest nursing union is calling on Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA).

The National Nurses United (NNU) urged the Senate in a letter Tuesday to pass the bill and “take a stand for reproductive health justice.” The WHPA would codify the federal right to access abortion and other protections established by Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision that the Supreme Court reversed in June. read more


Staffing Shortages Have U.S. Nursing Homes in Crisis

There’s a shortage of nursing home beds for the elderly in America due to a severe staffing crisis that has caused long-term care facilities to cut back on new admissions, new research shows.

Three out of five nursing homes (61%) have limited new admissions due to staffing shortages, according to a survey conducted by the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) of 759 nursing home providers.

And nearly three out of four (73%) are concerned that they’ll have to close their facilities over staffing problems, the survey found.

“We project that more than 400 nursing homes could close this year due to this workforce and economic crisis,” said Beth Martino, senior vice president of public affairs for the AHCA/NCAL.

These factors could leave some elderly bereft of the care they need as they age. read more


Newly registered nurses being ‘othered’ in practice by colleagues

Joanne Bosanquet, chief executive of The Foundation of Nursing Studies, said NRNs had faced exclusionary behaviour for too long and that this now needed to be addressed.

Ms Bosanquet brought the issue to the spotlight over the weekend with a post on Twitter which received wide interaction from the nursing profession.

She wrote: “I’ve just had a heartbreaking conversation with an early career nurse who I’ve known since she was 12, still in preceptorship phase who is being #Othered by the ward manager, deputy and matron (all mates BTW). I am so angry. This is not uncommon.” read more

Here’s why 1,500 Pennsylvania nursing home workers are planning a one-day strike next week

After employees at a dozen nursing homes across Pennsylvania voted last month to authorize a strike, about 1,500 workers will hold a one-day strike next week to call attention to understaffing and other ongoing issues in the industry. According to SEIU Healthcare PA, the union workers will strike on July 27 at 21 facilities.

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How a Nursing Shortage Affects Families With Disabled Children

A nursing shortage — driven by the pandemic — has made life miserable for parents with profoundly disabled children. “What if I’m so exhausted that I make a mistake?”

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