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How COVID-19 Stood as Catalyst for Consumer Health Tech Adoption

Until COVID-19 struck, consumer health tech adoption had seen modest growth, but adoption spiked with the pandemic as patients sought safe care.

 – For nearly the past twenty years, Adam Pellegrini, senior vice president of Enterprise Virtual Care & Consumer Health at CVS Health, has had his eyes on the dream of consumer health tech adoption. In recent months, Pellegrini has seen that become a reality as more patients begin to utilize patient engagement technologies.

Like many others in the industry, Pellegrini has seen the promise of consumer digital health — like remote patient monitoring, patient engagement technologies, and telehealth or virtual health access — as integral to creating an all-encompassing healthcare experience.

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Training for Telehealth: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Providers

An effective virtual-care delivery model demands planning, education and maintenance. Consider these factors as your program evolves.

massive shift to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic left many healthcare organizations scrambling to ramp up — not only to acquire the technology and added connectivity but also to get hundreds of providers and staff trained to handle the deluge.

After all, only 24 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations had an existing virtual-care program as of January 2020, according to Forrester, which predicts more than 1 billion telehealth visits will take place this year.

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Wearble Tracker Device

Wearable Health Technology Could Find Early Signs of COVID-19

Researchers are studying the effectiveness of wearable devices to identify early signs of disease, including COVID-19.

Many people already use devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch to measure their heart rate and other physical activity. Researchers are now studying whether this kind of technology could be used to watch for early warning signs of COVID-19.

One such device is being tested at West Virginia University in the United States. Researchers there reported in May that it can identify COVID-19 symptoms up to three days before people start to experience them.

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COVID-19 Virus

Smart Doorway Could Detect High Temp, Neutralize COVID on Clothing, KC Tech Pioneer Says

Blockchain might be the future, but eliminating exposure to COVID-19 is the now, said serial entrepreneur Shekhar Gupta as he takes an intelligent disinfecting doorway to market.

“When you go to the airport you have to go through the X-Ray machines, right? So we developed a similar structure, but to detect COVID-19 and neutralize it off your clothes,” said Gupta, COO of Blockchain Initiatives and director of software product and technology at Kansas City-based Interacshn, a startup focusing on machine learning and AI-based smart city and COVID 19 solutions.

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Medical Tech

A High-Tech Array of Travel Tools: ‘Smart’ Health Cards,Temperature-Reading Glasses and More

Products that rely on artificial intelligence aim to make travel safer during the pandemic. But hefty prices and privacy concerns are issues.

Three weeks into Israel’s lockdown to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Rafi Kaminer decided to get creative with his cabin fever.

The chief executive of Pangea Group, an Israeli company that builds infrastructure for biometric identification and digital analytics, Mr. Kaminer was used to flying abroad several times a month. But with global air traffic reduced to a trickle and borders sealed across continents, Mr. Kaminer found himself housebound — and itching for a solution. He began brainstorming with his brother, Assaf Kaminer, an executive vice president at Pangea, and the two came up with an idea: To get people flying again, invent a streamlined method of determining that a traveler is free of Covid-19, resulting in a document that could be presented at any airport in the world, encrypted for security and customized for the unique testing regulations of each port of entry.

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Digital Tech

Why Telemedicine and Health Tech Providers Need To Improve Their Regulatory Preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic has put telemedicine and health tech in the spotlight. This has opened up avenues of care, spurred innovation and investments in these segments as well as ushered newer operating models. But, along with growth prospects, there are challenges too in the current ecosystem. So, Jitesh Agarwal, Founder, Treelife recommends measures that telehealth and health tech companies should take to improve their preparedness to navigate the new normal and avoid pitfalls, especially legal, as they try to tap into emerging trends and capitalise opportunities.

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Health Tech

Review: The Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h

Portable and insightful, this handheld tool relays critical information for strong care delivery.

Barcode scanning plays an important role within any modern healthcare system, and it’s arguably even more valuable during a pandemic.

By quickly processing health records — as well as identifying labels that track medications, specimen samples, lifesaving equipment and patient badges — the technology is essential to efficient care delivery, regardless of the situation or severity.

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Fertility Tech

‘Empower With Information’: How Health Tech is Teaching Women About Themselves

Dr Deborah Maufi, project manager at the Health[e] Foundation, and Dominnique Karetsos, co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Collective, give us their takes on how tech can empower women.

Health tech innovations are not only pioneering the ways people access healthcare, they also provide a platform for people to understand more about their bodies. This is especially true for women, who are worse affected by the limitations of health and sex education, and so are key targets for these kinds of opportunities.

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The Healthcare Standard

A New Tool Aims To Help Patients Sort Through 200 Mental Health Apps — And Counting

There are nearly 20,000 mental health apps that will do everything from tracking a person’s suicidal thoughts to soothing someone experiencing a panic attack. A new online tool from researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center aims to help patients sort through the noise for almost 200 of them — and counting.

Using the tool — which still lacks the pithy names that are otherwise common in the tech world — patients can sort the apps by whether they’ll have to pay for it, the kinds of services it offers, like mood tracking or journaling, the intensity of its privacy policy, and the clinical evidence that supports it. That last point is critical, since so many apps fail to provide high-quality research to back up their scientific claims.

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Health Tech Firm GPDQ Keeps Staff Safe From COVID-19 As Workplaces Reopen

Health technology firm GPDQ, the UK’s first GP-on-demand service, has created a new COVID-19 ‘Workplace Health’ platform to aid the return to work.

The company said the platform will minimise risk for employers and employees as more workforces return.

The service launches as further easing of lockdown has been announced by the government, and with UK employers exposed to liability if they don’t mitigate risk for employees returning to the workplace.