ARCH Defies Biotech Market Slowdown with New $3B Fund

Chicago-based ARCH Venture Partners has closed on its twelfth venture fund, ARCH Venture Fund XII, with $2.975 billion it can now invest in early-stage biotechnology companies.

This follows the company’s January 2021 announcement of ARCH Venture Fund XI, which was worth nearly $2 billion. It also follows last week’s PwC report, which noted that more than 60 biotech companies have announced layoffs so far this year, with some going out of business, and a general slowing of initial public offerings (IPOs). In 2021, 104 biotech companies launched IPOs, bringing in almost $15 billion, but to date this year there have been only 14 IPOs in the sector, raising less than $2 billion altogether. read more

Doctors in Hospital

Patient Stabs Doctor in Face and Head Inside Pennsylvania Hospital

A doctor is recovering after she was stabbed in the face and head inside Pennsylvania Hospital.

Police say the doctor was treating a patient inside the hospital on 800 Spruce Street on Tuesday when the patient stabbed her multiple times. The doctor is currently in stable condition while the patient was arrested.

A Penn Medicine spokesperson told NBC10 the hospital is working closely with Philadelphia police in response to the incident and that the doctor received immediate care.

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Sure, Wear Masks, But Don’t Neglect A Healthy Lifestyle

Every day we are bombarded by the amount of deaths and new cases of the virus. We are told to wear our mask, avoid gathering in groups, wash our hands, stay home if we are sick, and the latest one: get tested.

But why is our state barely emphasizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle? Our politicians should be considering the work of individuals and community organizations that work toward educating the public about the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Like most in the fitness industry I am out of work and I have no control over when I can return to doing what I enjoy. Other people may disagree, but I believe that fitness and nutrition are the foundation to prevent chronic illness and disease.

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Doctor in Private Practice

NCCN Releases Recommendations For Standardizing Quality Measurement in Oncology

The NCCN Quality and Outcomes Committee was first founded in 2016 in order to develop quality and outcome measures in oncology that are:

The committee reviewed 528 existing oncology quality measures and new measure concepts that could be appropriate for development. This list was narrowed down into 22 recommendations–based on importance, supporting evidence, opportunity for improvement, and ease of measurement–including endorsement of 15 existing measures and seven new concepts proposed for development.

“These recommendations from NCCN differ from certification programs–we are sharing them free-of-charge to allow cancer programs everywhere to be more efficient and focused with their resources while tracking quality improvements,” explained Robert W. Carlson, MD, Chief Executive Officer, NCCN. “There’s a concerted effort toward value-based care; we want to ensure that these payment models reduce costs without reducing quality, and in fact improve outcomes. The current landscape for quality measurements is broad, and it’s difficult to know how to prioritize for quality improvements. This framework from NCCN aligns processes for measuring attainable cancer care improvements that will translate into better outcomes for patients.”


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