Man Depressed

Experts Say Pandemic is Taking A Toll on Mental Health

COVID-19 isn’t the only crisis sweeping the country right now. Mental health problems like anxiety and depression are exacerbated by this never-ending year.

Job losses, coronavirus concerns, political turmoil, racial tensions, and natural disasters are piling onto the worries that 2020 has brought forth to society.

Currently, mental health experts are preparing for the busy holiday season helping stressed-out clients.

“We’ve seen COVID-19 basically impact the entire spectrum of adults to children everything from play therapy all the way to our senior population,” said Dr. Christopher Taylor, founder of Taylor Counseling Group, one of the largest counseling groups in Dallas-Fort Worth. “We look at the pandemic more as a change agent, an accelerant of bringing on an awareness of therapy that’s been bubbling up underneath the surface for quite some time.”

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