Alzheimers Disease

Health Tech Unveiled at CES: New High-Tech Ways To Monitor Blood Pressure, Detect Alzheimer’s and Crush Germs

Good news, I have a heart. Bad news, it’s beating faster than it should. I know this for two reasons: I can feel it take a battering ram to my ribcage and the new OptiBP smartphone app just told me so.

Swiss startup Biospectal unveiled the beta version of its app at CES last week. The company sent me an Android phone preloaded with the app along with an Omron blood pressure cuff to try it out. Before you take your first reading, you need to calibrate the app with a traditional cuff. Then, you live your life.

To take a reading, I touch the camera lens and the flash lights up, measuring the blood flow in my fingertip. The app uses algorithms to figure out my pulse and blood pressure – in about the same amount of time it takes me to complete two big deep breaths.

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