Coronavirus Warning Sign

How HVAC Systems Are Playing a Role in Office Health and Safety

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted an already growing trend in office spaces—air purification systems. While these were already growing in popularity, employees and businesses are learning more about them to keep employees safe and to create a healthy work environment. They could be an integral way to re-open offices and reintegrate people into the workspace.

“Tenants first and foremost want to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for their team members,” Matt Root, CEO and managing partner of Parallel Capital Partners, tells “They also desire to work collaboratively with landlords to protect the health and safety of all building occupants.  Tenants want to understand the worksite specific plan—COVID-19 building operating plans, detailed list of safety measures taken by the landlord, and confirmation of full compliance with orders, rules, and guidelines promulgated by the federal government, state government, county government and local municipality.”

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