How The Covid-19 Virus is Reshaping Health and Safety of Business Aviation

Airports and FBOs are reimagining every aspect and touchpoint of their operations to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for their clients. But many are grappling with the dilemma of if it is possible to make these changes without spoiling the luxurious atmosphere FBOs and private airports are renowned for.

Almost a year on from when the devasting pandemic began to spread across the globe, sectors everywhere have had to adapt and use new technologies to ensure they can return to a new normal as quickly as possible.

Although business aviation was not immune to the impact of the pandemic, many FBOs have been operating in some way during this period. Staff have been practicing social distancing, wearing masks and following health guidance from their respective governments, hand sanitizers can be found on every flat surface and deep cleaning of all areas has increased. However, there is an argument that this still isn’t enough the slow down the virus.

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