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In ‘Do-Over,’ Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Reopens

People who missed open enrollment for Affordable Care Act health insurance late last year will get another opportunity to sign up, starting in mid-February.

President Biden signed an executive order last month creating an extra, three-month enrollment period starting Feb. 15. Consumers can again shop for coverage on, the federal insurance marketplace, which serves three dozen states.

“It’s a chance for a do-over of open enrollment,” said Cynthia Cox, director of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Program on the A.C.A.

Because of the pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, and the insurance that went along with those jobs, at a time of heightened health risk. Many of them may have found health coverage through Medicaid, the joint federal-state health insurance program for low-income people. But many people remain uninsured.

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