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Navigating The Challenges of COVID-19 Has Motivated Many People To Re-Think Lifestyle Choices, Surveys Show

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — We’re all doing our best to navigate the challenges of COVID-19. One positive: the coronavirus has motivated many people to re-think some of their lifestyle choices.

“What’s striking is that COVID-19 has brought to attention the underlying risks of being overweight or having a chronic disease and getting very sick,” said Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Mark Hyman.

Yet a survey of Californians with health club memberships say gym closures led to a third of respondents to abandon their regular fitness routines. According to the survey, 78% reported a negative health effect. More than half said they’ve gained weight, 47% have slept less, about the same number of people say they’re eating more poorly and 60% report their overall health is worse.

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