Providers, Government, Hospitals and Insurers Stepped Up Together

Our system of health care is complex and confusing. Making care more convenient, personalized, and affordable is one of the biggest opportunities in our future. While COVID-19 has stressed the system to its limits (past its limits in some cases), it has also created an opportunity for providers, government, hospitals, and insurers to step up together and do the right thing for patients.

Providers have found the shift to virtual care challenging but have stepped up at a record pace. Physicians and their office teams rapidly and successfully pivoted to deliver health care online. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona data shows that telemedicine visits spiked to 50 times higher than before the pandemic. According to the Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker, a survey conducted among a sample of 2,092 Americans July 2-6, 89% of the public agrees that everyone should have access to telehealth. It has not been easy, and it has not been perfect, but our talented medical community is delivering excellent, compassionate care in a virtual setting.

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