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Taisho Pharmaceutical Launches Lusefi For Type 2 Diabetes

LUSEFI, an oral anti-diabetic for type 2 diabetes mellitus which has just been launched by Taisho Pharmaceutical is expected to provide adequate glycaemic control, which lowers blood glucose and serves as a new alternative prescription.

It is an orally-active second generation sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor that is developed and produced by Taisho Pharmaceutical, Japan. Formulated with a new mechanism of action that selectively inhibits SGLT2 – this treatment lowers blood glucose levels by inhibiting the reabsorption of glucose in the renal tubule, thus increasing urinary glucose excretion and eventually reducing blood glucose levels. Suitable for type 2 diabetes mellitus patients aged 20 and above.

A clinical study on Lusefi that was conducted in Japan demonstrated improvement in the blood glucose level for monotherapy. At the end of the study, it was found that in addition to lowering and maintaining a healthy blood glucose level, the anti glycaemic effect of Lusefi also helped patients decrease their body weight. Throughout the study, Lusefi also demonstrated a good safety profile.

Lusefi, with its active ingredients of Luseoglifflozin Hydrate is available in 2.5mg and 5mg tablets via doctor’s prescription.


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