Shoveling Snow

Think About Health, Safety Before You Shovel

UTICA — For most, shoveling the driveway or the sidewalk is an inconvenient chore — and an unwelcome sign that winter has fully arrived.

However, for some, the American Heart Association warns, shoveling comes with a variety of risks, some minor and some major.

To help make snow removal safer, the American Heart Association and the federal Centers for Disease Control have compiled a list of practical tips:

Take frequent rest breaks during shoveling so you don’t overstress your heart;

Don’t eat a heavy meal prior or soon after shoveling. Eating a large meal can put an extra load on your heart;

Get a good shovel. Shovels come in all shapes and sizes with some specially designed erogonomic designs that are made to alleviate stress for those with back pain or other issues. Consider using a small shovel as the act of lifting heavy snow can raise your blood pressure.

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