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Top Social Determinants of Health Barring Patient Care Access

 – Convenient and comprehensive patient care access is the hallmark of good patient engagement and healthcare. But far too often, key roadblocks get in the way of that seamless access, including a number of key social determinants of health.

These social determinants of health, or the social factors that influence an individual’s ability to achieve health and wellness, can make it challenging for patients to simply set foot inside a provider office. Below, PatientEngagementHIT explores the leading social determinants of health adversely affecting patient care access. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but can represent some of the biggest barriers to care.


Although access to care is instrumental to good outcomes, the reality is that healthcare is only freely accessible to those with higher incomes. Individuals earning lower incomes regularly encounter barriers to care in the United States, regardless of their employment and insurance status.

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