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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Talk To Your Health Insurer

Here’s a shocker: Consumers are wary of contacting their health insurers. It’s a good bet they’ve been conditioned by their own experiences, stories from friends, and the seemingly endless news stories about insurers who deny health claims. Whatever the reasons, many of the people who pose questions to me would do just about anything to solve their health problems – except talk to their health insurers.

This may be understandable, but it can be a big mistake. Your health insurer knows more about your coverage than anyone, including the often inscrutable rules about what’s covered and how much you pay for coverage in premiums, annual deductibles, co-pays and the like.

Such confusion can be multiplied in Medicare, which has different deductibles and copays for hospital stays, doctors’ visits, outpatient expenses, medical equipment and prescriptions that are covered by the four parts of Medicare.

Today, I’m sharing what may appear to be a rare “good news” story about a health insurer. I say “appear to be rare” because I’m sure this story is not unusual but is not often publicized.


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